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Terms & Conditions

The following is a brief account stating the main points of our terms and conditions.
Please contact the Nursery for a full set.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of £50 is applicable when registering your child at the nursery.

Fee Calculation

Fees are reviewed annually.
Fees are calculated on an annual basis and then divided by 12. This allows for a consistent amount payable per month regardless of holidays or variations in the number of days in each month. Refunds or deductions cannot be made if your child is ill, on holiday or for any other reason does not attend the nursery.


To secure a place at Happy Tree, a deposit equivalent to one month’s fees is payable at registration. Deposits are refunded up to 4 weeks after the last month of your child’s attendance, subject to all fees and any liabilities having been paid in full and one month notice in writing is submitted. If your child does not attend the nursery for any reason once the place has been accepted, then only 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

Payment terms

Fees are to be paid monthly by debit or credit card within the first seven days of each month. Invoices are issued by the end of the month for the following month and the amount to be collected by debit or credit card is clearly communicated in the invoice. It is a requirement of our terms and conditions that all parents pay by debit or credit card.
We do not accept standing order payments as they cannot be varied, and most of our parents pay different amounts every month based on nursery usage and variations in childcare vouchers.

Cash and cheque payments

We do not accept cash payments for any reason as we do not keep safes or petty cash in the nursery. We prefer not to accept cheques, as they delay the payment process and cause large amounts of extra work in reconciliation. Should you choose to pay by cheque there is a monthly fee of £35.00 to cover any additional administration.

Late payment and cancelled cheque charges

Much of our time in dealing with cheque payments is taken up with reconciliation of both late payments and cancelled or returned cheques. Because of the administrative burden these represent we have found it necessary to levy charges for any late payments (after the first seven days of the month) of £10.00 per week and £35.00 for any cancelled or returned cheque. These fees will be added to your account as additional charges.

Additional charges

Any additional charges – e.g. extra sessions, late pickup charges, late payment fees, will be added to your subsequent month’s invoice.

Termination or loss of place at Happy Tree

Happy Tree reserves the right to terminate your child’s place immediately at the nursery in the event that:

You fail to pay your fees by the due dates.

You behave in an inappropriate manner towards the staff or the children.

You are in breach of the terms and conditions that you have agreed to.

Your child’s behaviour is unacceptable or endangers the safety of others.

Termination of a place is considered to be in the best interests of the nursery.

Holidays and Inset Days

Happy Tree is closed for all public and bank holidays, as well as the week between Christmas and New Years’. In addition, the Nursery will be closed for 3 inset days during the year for staff training and professional development (parents/ carers are informed of the inset days in advance). Refunds are not available for inset days, bank/ public holidays or if you choose to take an extended holiday with your child.

Review of terms and conditions

We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions at any time. You will be notified in writing of any additions or amendments.