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Day Nursery Croydon

Structure is important in a child’s life, and they need to learn to follow the structure that is created for them. Most nursery schools have structure and follow roughly the same schedule every day. This helps your child know what to expect, so they may want to continue the routine on days that they are home. It also improves their brain because they learn how much time there is between activities and what is next.

You could leave instructions about your child’s schedule with a nanny or babysitter, but this does not mean that the schedule will be followed every day. With a day nursery, you know that the schedule is going to be almost the same every single day.

Childcare is very important, so many parents have huge concerns about enrolling their child in a day nursery. However, the benefits of a day nursery for your children are numerous, and it is the first step in many children’s education.

In a day nursery, there is always a new activity to do and new people who they can interact with.

There have been a lot of studies that show kids who go to day nursery school may be more ready for school, than children in home. Happy tree day nursery school starts teaching children how to read, write, count, and even simple math during their time there. This can help your child become ready for school.

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